You must be sure to live a perfect weapon experience with any kind of weapons that Carrera has produced for your choices.

Always ınnovatıon!

It changes many things to look at from a different angle. It provides inspiration for groundbreaking innovation. That will make a difference to the design and lines, trying to design models that will bring a new breath to the sector through the slides. Looking for the yet earlier, we design innovative standard to make a difference in the weapons industry. And we are adapting to the models we produce at these standards. Therefore, we develop each model in such a situation is not only a weapon, carries the distinction of being an innovative solution was presented to the arms sector at the same time.


Do you know, when you own a Carrera, you won't have only a weapon, at the same time you may have the unusual privilege? Here are the privileges given place in your Carrera.

Excellent Durabılıty

Carrera weapons has a resistance with the preferred material impact on production and  marked with a special design to minimize the mechanical damage when it falls and in such cases like corrosion.

Relıable Slıde systems

Although designs and styles are different, but all Carrera models offer the common speciality to the user with  the confidence of custom-engineered slide systems.

Future Trends

Each Carrera model make a difference with its design and lines to bring a new breath to the existing slide systems for weapon and also to being a engineered product of groundbreaking aimed at understanding.

Perfect Grıp Handlıng

All Carrera models provide extra handling and control with its rugged design on grips, with this feature Carrera offers perfect experience with either left or right hands.

Ergonomıcs and comfort

With Carrera guns wide Trigger guards you can feel the trigger sense so easily  with gloves on hands also. Carrera guns has also extended magazines for your extra comfort.

Strıkıng Desıgns

Carrera wide product range is unusually quite interesting with model line and beyond the era of design with striking slide designs.

About Us

Carrera Guns have a long history of experience in the development and production, therefore it is not surprising, that their market launch will have an unparalleled success all over the world. Every user will  appreciate deeply the Carrera brand and many times in usage life period would not pass without it.
There is a good reason why Carrera Pistols and Revolvers will be always the first choice. Carrera is the only major manufacturer of blank&signal pistols that offers replicas and small arms exclusively from its own production. State-of-the art manufacturing methods ensure excellent dimensional accuracy and a fine surface finish. The extraordinary precision and optimised trajectory of the pistols are impressive.
Carrera Arms Companies every employee has a valuable experience which is always taken into account in the development process and influences every smallest detail of the production flow. This personal commitment is an important part of our fair philosophy. Since the beginning of 2008 Carrera Arms Company offers the Premium Carrera Blank Pistols & Revolvers for demanding users.
Carrera Arms, will begin operations sharing a corporated manufacturing plant in Maltepe ISTANBUL with  Mesut CAKICI has been named as Owner of Carrera Arms and Carrera brand as well.
Carrera Arms and Carrera brand is already cancelled its production from Zira Silah Ltd. And started its own production with a high quality and trustable level of bussiness Ethics. 


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